Our Brewery

Miel (pronounced ME-ELLE) Brewery and Taproom was first conceived in 2016 by Alex Peyroux and Janice Montoya, a couple of nerds with a love of science and all things art.

Why Miel?

Alex’s parents picked up beekeeping as a hobby and began supplying Alex and Janice with enormous amounts of raw delicious Louisiana honey.  After doing some research on honey, they came to find to that the word miel means honey in Spanish and French. Miel as a word acts as a bridge, connecting both their backgrounds and cultures.  Legally Miel cannot make mead due to licensing, but the plan is to use honey as an ingredient in a couple of beers as a nod to our namesake.

Our Mission

To provide patrons with fresh beer made by using as many local ingredients as possible.

To be environmentally friendly, responsible for the entire lifecycle of all our products, and conscious of how we use resources.

Treat others how we would like to be treated.


Alex Peyroux

Alex Peyroux

Co-Founder + Brewer

Alex is a Louisiana native and self proclaimed “pretty big nerd in general.”  It was during the pursuit of a biology degree that Alex found that there was a science behind beer.  Home-brewing led to many different jobs at different breweries across the United States.  There came a point where Alex knew he was ready to brew for himself. Knowing that brewing alone is not all it takes to run a brewery, Alex joined forces with Janice, to establish Miel Brewery and Taproom.

Janice Montoya

Janice Montoya

Co-Founder + Creative

Janice is a Latina and second generation Hispanic-American, bringing her background, culture, and vision to the craft brewing industry. Experience in the advertising and video production industry is what motivated her to jump on-board with Alex’s passion project.  Janice is the person behind the camera/design work 90% of the time and has been documenting Miel’s story from the beginning.  Janice credits her appreciation for craft beer to Alex, who showed her that beer can be complex and incredibly diverse

Shawna Hays

Shawna Hays


Shawna grew up in Milwaukee, WI and moved here right in time for Hurricane Ida from Fort Collins, CO, where she brewed for three years and hiked trails in excess. She started her love for beer, homebrewing with her dad early on and from there has worked at many different breweries, wearing many different hats; from Lab tech to brewer, since 2013. She went to UW-Milwaukee for digital arts and ceramics and enjoys helping out with label designs whenever she can. Shawna’s creative side helps her think of new recipes to brew up and the science nerd in her will always look for new things to learn.

9 people that are a part of the Miel Brewery team

Miel is closing early at 4pm on Saturday, 7/13, for a private event. Saturday hours will be 11am-4pm.

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