Breaking Ground


January to July 2017 was a blur of paperwork and meetings. Concordia, WDG, and NFT were hard at work making sure we had everything accounted for and we thank them for that! We also made our plans known to the neighborhood and even had some press action from it. Many of our plans have changed since we were interviewed (including our original and very optimistic opening date), but you can still read the articles here:

We finally got some real action in August 2017 when the city approved our plans. NFT moved in and got the ball rolling. One day we had an empty warehouse and the next we had walls coming up, trench drains, and sloping floors. 

New Orleans_Miel Brewery_Construction_Trench drain-1.jpg
New Orleans_Miel Brewery_Construction_Trench drain-2.jpg
New Orleans_Miel Brewery_Construction_Panoramic.jpg
New Orleans_Miel Brewery_Construction_Air Conditioned.jpg
New Orleans_Miel Brewery_Construction_Wall framing.jpg
New Orleans_Miel Brewery_Construction_Taproom.jpg

Next up, a fresh paint job and brewery equipment