The Brewhouse Arrives


February was a big milestone for us because our brewhouse came to town!  Back in November of 2016, we reached out to local brewery equipment manufacturer, Craft Kettle, to inquire about designing a custom-made system for Miel.  It took a while, but we hammered out all the details with their help.  They were awesome and we got the perfect system for us.  So, we are sure you can imagine our excitement when the brewhouse we had been working on for a year and half was finally showing up in person.

On three different flat bed trucks, we received our Mash/Lauter Tun, Boil Kettle, hot water tank, cold water tank, grist case, grain mill, Glycol Condenser,  "Brite" tank, and 3 Fermenters.  We couldn't move all of this alone, so our friends at NFT Group, LLC. were there with some heavy duty machinery to help out.  It was an exciting day and Janice was able to capture every bit of it, watch the video below!

Miel Brewery_Craft Kettle_New Orleans.jpg  
Miel Brewery_Craft Kettle_Brewhouse_Delivery.jpg  
Miel Brewery_Craft Kettle_Brewhouse_Flat Bed Delivery.jpg  
Miel Brewery_Craft Kettle_Taproom_Brewhouse Delivery.jpg
Miel Brewery_Brewhouse Delivery_Janice.jpg
Miel Brewery_NFT Group LLC_Alex.jpg
Miel Brewery_NFT Group LLC_Craft Kettle_Brewhouse.jpg