May Updates


The entire crew has been hard at work as we prepare for inspections and permitting.  Unfortunately, unforeseen weather (classic Louisiana) set us back a few weeks and we're now aiming for a summer opening and will not open in May as we originally anticipated.  We will continue to be patient and keep sanding the million chairs we purchased from C.A.S.H.'s.  I (Janice, here) love a good DIY project and talked Alex into purchasing some used taproom chairs.  They had a huge selection and were very helpful in picking out what worked for us! Refinishing the chairs has given us plenty to do while we wait to catch up on schedule. 

Our friend Trip Ulvila also paid us a visit!  He is a freelance design and photography wizard and his awesome work can be found at  He came by and grabbed some kickass photos on film of the brewery.  Some of those photos are below but you can find more of them on his blog.

We also enjoyed getting to meet new industry friends, Beer Down Here!  Brent and David came over to see our progress, talk beer, and brought us our first beer warming gifts (making this a thing).  Can't wait to display it for everyone to see in the taproom.  Thanks guys!

We may not have an exact date for the opening yet, but we are getting closer.  Stay tuned to our updates to find out more.  

Miel Brewery_CASHs_chairs.jpg
Miel Brewery_New Orleans_Trip Ulvila_Film photography
Miel Brewery_CASHs_chairs diy.jpg
Miel Brewery_New Orleans_Trip Ulvila_Alex and Janice
Miel Brewery_New Orleans_Trip Ulvila_Exterior Building
Miel Brewery_New Orleans_Trip Ulvila_Janice
New Orleans_Miel Brewery_Beer Down Here_sign.jpg
New Orleans_Miel Brewery_Beer Down Here_tap handle.jpg
New Orleans_Miel Brewery_Beer Down Here_David and Brent.jpg
New Orleans_Miel Brewery_Alex refinishing chairs.jpg
New Orleans_Miel Brewery_May 2018 updates.jpg